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Teaching art is similar to working as an artist; it is an evolution through a continuing growth of experiences and exchange. Teaching is a fluid activity, an activity that adapts and changes to accommodate new ideas, philosophies, and techniques.
The guiding principles of my teaching philosophy include the belief that educators must foster the growth of critical thinking, problem solving, and technical proficiency. Additionally, I want the student to be knowledgeable of the issues of an ever-changing society. An artist must be aware of the past, present and future in order to develop a dialog that is relevant and current. It is my responsibility to address the issues of contemporary society, while providing an environment that is conducive to a hands-on system of learning.
I believe in developing on the model of an "active learning" classroom. This strategy allows students to teach new content to each other while accurately guided by instructors. Visual presentations, challenging contemporary theory and subject matter allow a heightened sense of synergy. Critical thinking and problem solving evolve through the interaction with fellow students, visual and tactile stimulation, and directed group discussions involving both established and current issues. Throughout the semester the students' abilities grow through the process of problem solving by executing new and engaging assignments. These assignments are designed to push the students’ growth, fostering their ability to conceptualize their art and the art of others. As the students' capabilities increase, unique technical solutions follow.
It is important for students to learn that as artists we must achieve a high level of intellectual proficiency and technical aptitude. This is achieved in the classroom by assigning diverse projects, promoting discussions and supplying new visual information. This exposes the students to a variety of materials and techniques. Once the students become engaged with the learning process their creativity flourishes.
I have observed that my most successful students must be properly challenged while actively encouraged in their artistic endeavors. The creative process takes control when a student begins to feel comfortable with the materials, techniques, and environment. At that point, my role is to act as a mentor by facilitating the growth, which ensues. A student that can function as an artist outside of the sheltered environment of the classroom is my main goal.
As a faculty member, I believe that I should develop as a professional by remaining an effective mentor throughout my career by continuing to question and challenge myself. My ultimate goal as an instructor is to gather personal knowledge, the knowledge of my fellow artists, educators, and peers and to present that to my students in an engaging and accessible manner.


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